It has been fun looking at old posts. This one is an old post, but it wasn’t necessarily a popular one. It’s one I really liked so I’ll share it again. Thanks for reading.


This is not a new or novel thought, but I heard it said this way this weekend and really connected with it.  More will only exaggerate what is already there.  That’s what more will do.

Some think that if they just have more money, that they will be more happy.  In that case, more money will only exaggerate your need and your unhappiness – not make it go away.  It works if you’re lonely, broke, unhappy, or tired – more will just exaggerate what’s already there.

But I will also say that if you’re naturally and normally generous, more will probably make you even more generous.  If you are happy, joyful, satisfied, and curious – more will just exaggerate what’s already there.

So the question is what are you naturally?  The follow up question is, what “more” will make exaggerate what you already are naturally and normally.

You can be awesome, and…

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