The Deeper Open Principle

I don’t know what to call it.  It’s such a lame name for a post, but it communicates it enough.

The more education I receive – and it has been alot – the more I realize this principle.  The deeper I get into my studies and research, the more open I am to learning and accepting more and newer ideas. It solidifies my core beliefs.  I am even more secure in what I believe, and I think it’s that security that allows me to explore other ideas.  I just keep assimilating more ideas, and it keeps solidifying my core beliefs.  The openness does not make me waver, it gives me a deeper and wider appreciation for what I am learning.

It reminds me of Kohlberg’s post-conventional stages where different opinions and rights are respected and valued.  It doesn’t necessarily sway me, but it allows me to respect an opposing position.

It helps to read opposing viewpoints.  I know it sounds so simple, but it is not easy to do.  There is maturity in having the ability to suspend judgment while reading and studying something.  It’s a skill that needs to be developed and consequently, it will lead you to much deeper insights into who you are and what you think.

7 thoughts on “The Deeper Open Principle

  1. Lem,
    Over the pastfew months I have fallen in love with spiral dynamics. Spiral dynamics is like maslow but with a spiral rather than linear understanding of growth. It teaches that if you don’t integrate, you will never leave egocentricity and every egocentric state will hate all the other egocentric states in this tier. 2nd tier is auntonomy, integration, and union.

    You are teaching education on a second tier, which really excites me. There is grace and understanding for more views and you can recognize the need for the previous ones. I think this is what God does, he uses all. He reconciles all things, he uses evil for good. Grateful you’re leading the way.

    1. That’s so good. I like that distinction.

      What would the theory say about those that are deep and just inward? I think there is a category for a deep, but not very open thinker. I’ve met some. Is it pride? Is it ignorance? Is it arrogance? I’ll check out Spiral Dynamics.

      1. I don’t you can be a person of higher consciousness and not be open. So color red on spiral dynamics (stage 3) is a black and white worldview (religious fundamentalists). There are brilliant black and white but they are stuck in an egocentricity because it’s a my way or the highway game. Whereas green (stage 6, egalitarian, relativism, pluralism) is a response the abuse of red (stage 3. black & white), blue (stage 4. totalitarian God/Absolutism), Orange (stage 5. Do it yourself, self-interest, etc). So you can be a deep red thinker but still be abusive, shallow, and manipulative. Whereas green is much wider because it is going through its skepticism, disbelief, and pluralism/relativism (it’s a flatter playing field). Green is open because it wants all to be equal (yet fails to integrate).

      2. I like the distinction.
        Have you read any Kohlberg? How does this correlate with his ideas or stages of development? I know he focuses on Moral Development, but is he mentioned at all?

  2. I haven’t read Kohlberg extensively, but am aware of the theories (pre-conventional/post-conventional. Recommend a book or site where I can read more?

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