Shout Into the Void

I was listening to a podcast yesterday, and I heard Gina Trapani say this line.  The context of the conversation had to do with how on Twitter – we can Shout Into the Void and not be heard.  In context, it makes sense.  They were talking about being saying things that need to be heard.

I liked the line, and I thought about it more.  In context, Shouting Into the Void was a bad thing, but the more I thought about it – out of context – the more I thought, so what?  I think there is great value when you Shout Into the Void – whether the void is Twitter or in the desert in the middle of no where.  Shouting can be this cathartic release.  If you don’t shout, you can hold all of that energy in, and it has the ability to just ruin you inside.  It can be helped with a simple shout.

Gina, I know it wasn’t what you were saying, but I quite enjoyed the line.  (Do you get the irony of me talking to Gina?  She’ll never read this post.  It’s much like when you Shout Into the Void.)

Even though no one hears me, sometimes I have something that I just need to say.

Thanks Gina.

One thought on “Shout Into the Void

  1. haha I liked that you talked to Gina. I shout into the void a lot. I’ve realized I use social media primarily because I am so far away from a lot of my loved ones, so I need to shout somewhere. And that’s where my friends are.

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