The Ability to Suspend Judgment….

is not just cognitive. It is also an emotional endeavor.

I have written about Suspending Judgement before.

Here’s a post about it in the form of Asking Questions.

Here’s another post about it as I understood it and wrote about it years ago – Suspend Judgment.

Here’s another post about it called – The Deeper Open Principle.

From all of those previous perspectives – I wrote about it from a cognitive perspective. I saw the ability to Suspend Judgment as a cognitive exercise much more than an emotional endeavor.

Now that might be simple for you and your attitude might be ‘of course it is,’ but much like this post – if you thought that – then you judged me for thinking this way and writing this post. You did not suspend judgment. (Which just makes me laugh honestly and I love it)

It wasn’t as simple for me, and for whatever reason, I get it now. Being able to Suspend Judgment is just as much emotional as much as it is cognitive. An emotional outburst or a judgment or prejudgment – without all the right thinking and the right feeling – is not Suspending Judgment.

There’s been a lot of that lately. You can find it on….

– Social Media

– The News

– On Television

What thoughts do you have on Suspending Judgment? How do you do it? How have you seen it modeled for you? Did you judge me as your read my post? Let me know!!!

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