Why We Watch Reality TV

I watched a few of these shows today.  It has the power to suck you in and make you watch.  I watched a show about towing cars today (I quite liked that one), one of the housewives of orange county show (not the whole thing), and now I’m watching swamp people.  What do these shows have in common?  They’re Reality TV.  Tow truck drivers, OC housewives, and swamp people remind us that we have our lives.

The reason why you watch Reality TV is because it is not your life.  That’s the simple reason – it’s not your life.

You watch the tow truck show – because your car is not getting towed.  People’s true identity comes out when their car is being towed.

You watch the OC show – because you may want that house or that trip or the means to do what they do.  You make fun of the show because it’s not your life.  Okay, you might think it’s dumb, but people watch that show because it’s not their life – it’s one they want.

You watch the swamp show – because you are just fascinated by their accent and it’s just so good to watch.

Okay, so maybe these are the reasons for why you watch these particular shows, but remember – the real reason you watch reality tv is because – It’s Not Your Life. t

7 thoughts on “Why We Watch Reality TV

      1. Near it…lol There are really no houses in the swamps. We have a camp there, but there is no electricity or running water. You need a generator and bottled water. I live in Houma, near Mollineres and just 30 miles from Pierre Part. The new sniper, Ron, works for the same agency I work for (law enforcement)

      2. Haha. That’s awesome. I’ll check out the google maps. I don’t watch the show often, but I’m going to start to watch it. It’s a great show.
        I checked out your blog. I saw that you worked for the District Attorney’s Office. That’s great.
        So you have tons of followers of your blog. That’s great. I need to learn how to do that.

      3. Post often and every time you post link onto facebook. Read other blogs and comment on them, etc. Good luck

      4. I just started keeping up with it since October maybe. I started this blog a while back but never went anywhere with it until I spoke with puublished writers. They insisted I blog and keep up with it. So…here I am

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