The Oscars and Identity

One of the actors that was being interviewed said that when she watches the movies, she watches the movies to try and find herself.  It was interesting how actors talk about the work that goes into the movies.  And honestly like De Niro says, we have no clue what goes into making a movie.  They put all that they are into it, and they end up loving the movie more than they love themselves.  (J. Hill said that).

The movies and acting is this big identity endeavor.  If you think about it, the Oscars gives little gold guys to the person that pretended to be someone else.  They give awards for the person that best creates a projected identity – on screen.

But I love the interplay of how creating and pretending and exploring a character helps them to find their true selves.  The identity theories say that exploration leads to crisis which leads to forming your true identity.  I had never thought about it before, but in the creating of identities (in movies) they get to explore their true selves under this veil of “acting.”

You want to find your true self – act.

Oh yeah, the identity theories would say that your “acting” comes from something real inside of you so you create out of who you are.

The thing is – sometimes we’re acting so much that it seems real.  We don’t even know we’re acting and we fool ourselves.

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