Hollywood and Truth

I know you read the title, and you probably think that there is no way that you can find truth in Hollywood.  Hollywood is full of actors or fake identities.  Hollywood is full of fake people.  They pretend and play around so it’s all not true.  I wrote a post on how acting might sometimes help you to explore your true self – check it.

I heard an actor say this.  Acting and Hollywood is “the last place we’ll be able to tell the truth.”  I guess if you don’t think deeply or even care much about Hollywood then this post won’t make any sense, and I will just sound like a crazy person to you.

Hollywood makes up stories, and they entertain.  Most people watch movies simply on that level.  But on a much deeper level, people connect with these made up stories because this made up story or movie is the exact story that someone is living.  We connect with these stories and these made up identities because it’s our story.  They make up stories about very real experiences.  They are able to tell the truth about a situation through the stories that they tell.

I know there aren’t huge trucks that turn in to robots in real life, but what’s the underlying theme of that story?  There might not be a little extra terrestrial with a glowing finger, but what is the truth of that story?

This isn’t a new idea.  I can think of a few books that go in depth about this stuff.  There is something about acting and playing an identity or role that gives us a glimpse of the truth.

What do you think?

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