The Power of a Friend

This morning, I had the privilege of giving a talk at the college that I teach at.  I normally turn down the local speaking gigs.  I mean, I teach there so it’s not like people haven’t heard me.  Sometimes I think students get sick of hearing you.

Anyway, I gave my talk and there was a response at the end – you know, the kind of response that you don’t think will work – just because.  In a moment of clarity, I added that you should respond with a friend – meaning respond to the talk, but take a friend with you.

There’s safety in a friend.  When you take someone with you, you can lean on them – when you’re not strong.  A friend will go up with you.  A friend will sit with you.  A friend will support you along the way.  A friend kick your butt when you need it.

I think we got a better response because they could bring someone with them.  It was a great reminder to me to not take for granted The Power of a Friend.


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