What Informs You Forms You

What informs you forms you.

When you are a little kid, your mom and dad were always around.  They told y0u what to do and what not to do.  They told you stories and they might have even told you that they loved you.  Maybe, they might have said something to you in passing – like you’re not good or why can’t you be like…..someone else.

What informs you forms you.

You might have had siblings – brothers or sisters that you grew up with.  They might have been older or younger, but they’ve probably said mean things to you.  Maybe they’ve told you that they hated you or maybe they told you to stop being mean to them.  Maybe you got along and you guys were partners in crime.  Maybe you got in trouble together or you got them in trouble because you blamed them for something.

What informs you forms you.

You have had teachers in your life that have given you instruction.  You might still hear their voices in your head.  They might still haunt you in your writing and studying.  They may have praised you for your work or told you that you sucked.

What informs you forms you.

You might listen to crazy and aggressive music.  You might read books that take you to scary places.  You might watching things on tv that grab your attention and mess with your hormones.  You might not do any of these things because you have been told that it messes you up, and you just sit there feeling like you are better than the person that does all of these things.

What informs you forms you.

We all have experiences and relationships that have impacted us.  For whatever reason, their words find a home in the universe of our minds; their words become our narrative that we listen to and guides our behavior.

All of these things inform you and consequently, forms you.

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