Your Dumb Teacher

…….might have given you a label that some lazy teacher gives them.  It happens all the time – a lazy teacher who doesn’t know how to care for a child will label him and get him out of her class – because teaching for her is a job and not calling.  Pathetic.

Some kids get stuck with an identity – because someone did not want to take the time to help them become more.  How selfish of that teacher right?

You might have had a teacher that labeled you with A.D.H.D or lazy or slow or to high energy or whatever labels their school allows them to give to their students that they don’t have time for.  These labels find their way into the core of a child.  Labeling a child with these labels shape the way that they see themselves and the way that they see the world.  And it’s all because a teacher was too busy to care.  How sad!

Here’s the thing.  You might have been given a label like that – but it’s possible to get unstuck.  You don’t have to keep that label.  Let me know.  We’ll give you one that better fits the one your lazy teacher gave you.

6 thoughts on “Your Dumb Teacher

    1. I was talking to a friend today, and they had labeled her kid with one of the school approved label. It saddens me. I don’t typically write such downer posts, but it happens.
      Where do you teach? Thanks for the comment. I’m gonna check out your blog.

      1. Wow – a school approved label! Scary! How can they endorse such a thing? I teach at Pacific University, so labeling isn’t such an issue, but it does happen in higher ed too. The children in my life are experiencing just the same kinds of things me and my sibs did 30+ years ago. I am honestly surprised and deeply concerned that not only does labeling still happen, but its become deeper and more engrained than it was before. I have another post on this in the works; hope to have it up by the end of next week. I am sorry for your friend’s experience. Labeling children just shouldn’t happen. Period.

      2. I am also a college professor. We do deal with students that have been given those school approved labels right? At least I get some that have been labeled. I do admire the fact that they are in college despite the labels given to them.
        What do you teach?

  1. My daughter, who is in her 2nd year of university, has carried the ‘learning disability’ label with her since high school. Granted she has a complex case of dyslexia (it is much more than just seeing letters rearranged), which does require her to take some exams orally rather than written. Her biggest problem with the disability, is the non-acceptance that she needs things to be somewhat different for her in order to learn. We have run across many individuals who believe that she should not be in university at all, and should have gone right into a trade. Apparently trades are for the weaker intelligence.

    1. That is quite the label, but kudos to her for being in school. She’ll get through it. The learning disability is just for the academic stuff. I’m sure she’s brilliant in other areas. To bad that our educational system has created such a thing. It’s not fair to her, but as she works through it, she’ll be that much more ahead then her peers.
      Kudos to you too for encouraging her.

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