Texify from GCB

Did you watch GCB tonight?  I mean, I know that the pilot was shown previously, but the season started tonight – mid-season at that.

I wanted to watch it just because of the Christian undertones in the show.  I read a few reviews of the show online and it seems that Christians aren’t really into the show – even though the C supposedly stands for Christian.  Now, I haven’t even seen a complete show yet – I’m in the middle of my first show, but it’s pretty interesting that the Christians would react this way.  It’s exactly the way that the producers of the show probably wanted Christians to act.  It’s very consistent with a Christian identity, and I am sure the show will continue to perpetuate this stereotype.

Since this is a blog about identity, here’s the one identity insight that I heard from the show.  It was the word Texify – as in to make more Texas-like.  You can watch the show to see the context.  I thought it was interesting that an identity can be changed by simply Texifying someone – to make more Texas-like.  I quite enjoyed hearing that word and seeing the meaning.

I think all states definitely have an identity vibe, and some states like California has many identity vibes.  I guess you can be Texified, or California-fied ,or Minnesota-fied, or you pick your stated and add “fied” to it.  You can change you identity by simply taking on the vibe of the state that you’re in.  How wonderful is that?

Next time I write about GCB, I’ll process through the CB part.  Of course, I’ll watch a few shows before I do that.  I don’t necessarily want to be Christian-like and judge it before I watch it or read it – if you know what I mean.  Technically, Christians shouldn’t judge at all right?

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