New Apple Thing

I just read this tonight. I’ve been hearing about it for weeks. We don’t even know what it’s going to be but it doesn’t matter. Tomorrow Apple will announce The New Apple Thing. Everyone knows how it’s going to go. They will sit in the dark and watch someone one stage – that isn’t Steve Jobs – do one of his famous Keynote addresses tomorrow. This will be the talk of the news tomorrow. People are already talking about it now. It’s funny that every knows how it’ll go down tomorrow. Steve Jobs will come up in the news, and everyone will compare Tim Cook to him. They may or may not get to touch this New Apple Thing. It is going to be the biggest tech news event for the year.

It’s interesting to me that even though we don’t know what this New Apple Thing will be – there is already anticipation of how it’s going to be a life changer.

We will compute differently because of it.

We will need to teach and students will need to learn differently because of it.

We are going to want – whatever this New Apple Thing will be.

It may not be the latest and greatest thing – but it will be an Apple Thing and we will still buy it. I am saving my money for whatever this thing is. Apple – under Steve Jobs – did a good job of telling us what we needed way before we even knew we needed this things. They have a knack for this kind of thing.

They tell good stories. They make good products. They shape culture and in turn shape our identities. We are all macs or we all want to be if we could afford it or didn’t work at a company that can only afford pc’s. The New Apple Thing will be an identity shaper for sure. Everyone knows it – we just don’t know what the New Apple Thing is yet.


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