What Teachers Do

I have been teaching for a few years now.  It has been the most interesting and funny enough – educational time in my life.  I’ve spent most of my life in school.

I was thinking about What Teachers Do, and there are so many things that teachers do.  But the main thing that teachers do is bring stuff out of their students.  Teachers create experiences for students.

Sometimes what a teacher brings out of a student is a thirst and desire to learn.  It is a wonderful enterprise to be able to challenge and mold minds – young and old.  I don’t know everything.  I’m not perfect, but I am your teacher.  My goal is to create this experience for students where they are able to reach down inside of themselves and learn no matter how painful and difficult it might be.  They step up to the challenge.

Sometimes what a teacher brings out of a student is all the angst and anxiety that they have from learning.  Typically, it’s stuff that has been impressed upon them by previous Dumb Teachers.  They might come at you – forgetting that you are the teacher.  It really sets them up nicely for getting graded in the same tone that they bring.

Either way – What Teachers Do is they bring stuff out of students – A desire to learn or an anxiety to learn.

8 thoughts on “What Teachers Do

  1. totally agree with you! i’ve been teaching almost my entire life till now and i have to admit I simply love it! :D. teacher’s are some one students look upto…and sometimes students get inspiration from them. hence teachers should always be at their best.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. I love when students are able to get inspiration from a teacher. You’re right, teachers should always be at their best.
      Do you think as a teacher that you can get them all? Or do you do your best – but realize that it’s not possible to get them all?

      1. well, its hard to get in minds of certain students, they make it so difficult by their arrogant and mean behavior that instead of understanding them we end up disliking them. Though I never give up trying. 🙂 I believe everyone has a good side. You just have to work hard enough to get it out 🙂

      2. Yes, I believe that both teacher and student have a responsibility in it.
        We should never give up.
        What do you teach? What age group do you teach?

      3. Ok, so you’re not teaching right now. That’s cool that you’re still tutoring though.
        Chemistry huh? I didn’t do super well in Chemistry. You definitely had to be built for that. Too bad my Chem teacher didn’t spark that excitement for me.

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