Anytime You Create

…..there needs to be intention, thought, and design.

Ask anyone that creates, and you’ll find out that creating is not that easy.  Sometimes it’s born out of pain and suffering.   Sometimes your creation is born out of love and passion.  But it’s not easy.

There’s is so much that goes into creating.

Intention – it’s not going to happen simply because you thought of it or because you really want it to happen.

Thought – you need to set aside time to think through what it is that you’re creating.

Design – you want what you create to be good and to last.

Think about what it is that you create.  Is it easy?  How do you take what you want to create from intention to completion?  How long does it take to think through it?  Does design matter in what it is that you create?  Do you want to make something that lasts?  I guess the most important question is – are you even creating?

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