Expert Intuition

I did a quick Google search for whether we can trust our intuition or not, and it was quite interesting to see the topics that came up in light of the question.

Your intuitions are there for a reason.  You have them, and they represent your sense of identity and self.  The better you know your self, the more you can trust yourself.  I think the better you know yourself, the better your intuition.

You can be an expert in yourself.  If you have expertise in an area, the better your intuition.  The more you use your intuition, the better it gets.  When there is emotional overload, there is strain on your intuition.  The more attentive you are to yourself and what is going on around you, the more you can trust your intuition.

Malcolm Gladwell would tell you that all it is is fast thinking – quick decisions, snap judgements, your thoughts in the first 2 seconds.  Paying more attention to our fleeting moments might lead to happier lives.


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