Disagreeing with Someone

……and being able to do so without getting emotional over it takes a tremendous amount of skill.

When I meet someone or hear someone that can intelligently disagree with someone and do so with class and grace, it makes me want to be around them more.  I like being around people that are like that.  It’s smart.  It’s mature.  It’s next level.

We all disagree from time to time.  But it takes someone special to do so with dignity and grace.  If you’re going to disagree with someone, do so with nobility and class.  It’s a sign of a pretty darn good identity.

3 thoughts on “Disagreeing with Someone

  1. Enjoyed this post, i have huge respect and liking for people who have their own opinions on something when its done with real classy integrity (consistence with their beliefs and values) i.e The ones who disagree because they really are their ‘true self’ have security in disagreement and difference. Great post!

    1. It really does take security in self to be able to disagree with someone. I know too many people who have to be right all the time – which tells you a little about how secure they are in their identity. Thanks for the comment and for reading. Following your blog and looking forward to learning from you.

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