Phone Numbers

Phone numbers used to be an identity marker.  Growing up, I knew everyone’s phone number.  I had it all memorized.  I knew all of our numbers.  I knew all of my aunt’s and uncle’s numbers.  I knew phone numbers of my friends.  If I called you I had your number memorized.  I don’t know about you, but it was fairly easy to remember 7 digits.  I would commit it to memory and it’d be there.

Today, I can barely remember my phone number.  I also have a Google Voice number, and I can barely remember that number.  I couldn’t even tell you my phone number to the phone in my office.  It just kinda sits there.  Please don’t tell my boss – they don’t read my blog so it’s cool.  They might try to call me on my office phone.

Phone numbers used to be tied to identity.  I don’t even see the number on my phone.  I just put it in and you picture shows up when I text or call you.  Sorry.

How many phone numbers do you have memorized?  It’s not longer tied to our identities is it?

I know Jenny’s number.

13 thoughts on “Phone Numbers

    1. Thank you very much for using the blog post. I read your blog post and totally enjoyed your post. I like how you articulated how hard it is to change phone numbers – especially when our identities are tied into them. Thank you for the post and for the link love.

      1. Thank you for reading and enjoying my blog post! I was in the process of changing phone numbers (was actually writing about it already) when your post got online.

        Some of my friends told me that they felt the same way about changing numbers, or even just having a secondary number. And then there are my friends that have three numbers! I just don’t know how they manage. One each for the major Philippine telecoms network.

      2. I’m from Laguna. 🙂 I have relatives in Manila and in Batangas. And I have relatives in the US too (in California, mostly).

        As far as my phone numbers are concerned, the old one’s still alive (barely) and I’m almost used to reciting my new number when people ask for it.

      3. That’s great. It’s beautiful in Laguna. Where in California? I’m in California. I might know your relatives. Haha. They might have my phone number? hahaha.
        I don’t even remember numbers any more – but that’s what the post talked about. How are you today?

  1. I can remember a few numbers now-a-days, but back when I was a kid…totally different story. I was a walking phone book! But I do know my own numbers, even my google voice! ;-P

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