Driving Through L.A.

So last Friday I drove though LA.  I love Los Angeles.  I lived there for many years.  I drove in the traffic, and it’s always fun to drive this one stretch of the 5 from the 91 to Burbank.  It’s a happy place for me – and if you have ever driven that stretch of road – you know how much traffic there is there.  Still, there’s something about it.

It’s not like I can explain it to you.  I think I just drove it thousands of times that I have built this connection to that stretch of road.  It’s not even the prettiest drive, but I was in grad school at the time.  I would leave my classes and drive that stretch of road to get to work in Burbank.  I formed alot of my ideas and opinion on that stretch of road.  I would leave a lecture and process through those ideas on the stretch of freeway.  It was my solitude time.

I have a soul connection to that road.  It just puts me at ease – semi-trucks and all.  I get the soul part of the city there.  I have a connection to it.  It’s a good and safe place for me – although it can be some dangerous road sometimes.  I feel at peace driving through LA.

2 thoughts on “Driving Through L.A.

    1. Yes, I love it. I am need to think about hikes and walks that I go on that bring peace.
      The most peaceful place to me is on the surfboard in the ocean. Time seems to slow down and there’s nothing like being in the ocean – you know that it’s a good time in the ocean.

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