New Look

So I grew out the facial hair – mainly to see how I would be treated with this look.  I have a friend that told me that people treated him differently when he grew his out.  I had to try.

In growing it out though, I think I changed.  I am not sure I can articulate how, but it definitely changed me.  It is such an identity marker to have that look.  It was fun.  It was interesting to hear the comments of people.  But I think more than anything, it was annoying to have it.  It was scratchy and so inconvenient.  I think I went long enough – like 4 months.  It feels good to have it off.

It’s not really a new look – but an old, different look.

How about you?  Have you recently put on a new look?  Have you ever done one so drastic?  I barely recognize the person I see in the mirror.


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