You Can’t Choose

Whenever you put yourself out there – either in a blog post, a picture, a lecture, or a youtube video – you open yourself up to 2 things.  You either open yourself up to ridicule and negativity, or you somehow provide enlightenment to those that check out your ideas.  It’s great when you bring enlightenment, but it’s also great when you get criticized.  It just means that you’ve done something remarkable.  According to Seth Godin, the only thing that you need to be remarkable is a remark.

Either way, You Can’t Choose which way someone is going to respond to you.

Here’s the deal.  Tons of people don’t even try because they are too afraid of the criticism.  And in not creating, they miss out on the chance enlighten.  It’s worth taking a chance.  Also, after enough criticism, you start getting used to it and you start creating things that can’t be.

One thought on “You Can’t Choose

  1. ‘ It’s worth taking a chance. ‘ – I totally agree, because not to take that chance means we kill a little bit of ourselves, through surpression, through fear, and we can end up very bitter and twisted about it.

    On the flip side when we do create, it is those that are bitter and twisted, who did not take the chance, that we need to watch out for in terms of criticise, because their agenda is not to criticise per sae, but to lasbast, anyone who dared who dares, to take the chance they that were to paralysed to partake in.

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