To Stop Identity Formation

I heard someone speak of how sometimes we can be so involved with things that we don’t have time to work on identity formation.  It is as if it can stop because we’re too busy.  I know that we hardly ever think about our identity formation at every moment of our life.  I have a hard time thinking through my identity formation.  Identity insights take hard work.

It is impossible to stop identity formation though.  Just because you are so busy doing something doesn’t mean that you stop forming your identity.  It’s always happening.  As you read this post, your identity is being formed.  You might be thinking about how attentive you are to your identity formation, or you might think I’m wrong.  You may think what you would like.  You can’t stop identity formation.  It keeps happening – even when you are doing nothing.

So what does it make you think?  Are you conscious of your identity formation?  You can create, and shape any identity you want, but you can’t ever stop it.

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