The Inability to Delay Gratification

What comes to mind when you hear this phrase?  Do you feel guilty for that last purchase?  Are you thinking about your wallet?  Does your mind go to a pretty dark place in light of this idea?  Do you think that you are not one of these people who has the inability to delay gratification?

I think this a powerful force in shaping identity.  If you have the inability to delay gratification, you will behave in a certain way.  Your values are shaped by this powerful concept.  Even as I write this, I am not sure I can articulate the things that impact me in this way.  I can think of a few things, but I am not sure I’ve done that deep thinking in this area.

At the core of this concept is a deep, deep need in your soul.  That thing in your life that needs gratification is that thing in your life that shapes you.  You want to figure out your identity – here’s one way that might help you do that.

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