Isolating Practices

We Are All Becoming Introverts.  That’s what I wanted to call this post, but as you cant tell, I changed my mind.

Think about this though – we are all starting to infuse more and more isolating practices – that will make us all become introverts.  I blame the introverted engineers that continue to create these devices and tech that promote these isolating practices.  When earphones first came out, it shut the world out.  You plug those things in and you lock yourself into your own world.

With the Internet, we are doing more and more things in our world without ever leaving our cubicles.  Our phones are the portal for our world.  We don’t have to see anybody.  We don’t have to talk to people.  You can pay bills and buy things without ever leaving.  The more the world of tech advances, the more introverted we become.  Yes, there is Facetime and Skype, but using those tools shortens the conversation.

I wrote about how the best Social Networking is the kind that happens 3 feet away from each other.  We’re socializing by ourselves these days.  No more hanging out with people, and things the earphones and iphones are starting continue to encourage Isolating Practices.

Thanks for reading this blog and for being a part of the community – as you’re sitting there by yourself – reading a post about being by yourself.

2 thoughts on “Isolating Practices

  1. I agree. I hate it when I go into public, and everybody is so absorbed in their own worlds. Sitting or standing only a few feet away from others, yet ignoring them entirely. There are so many interesting, exciting people in this world, I don’t understand how someone can be so loyal to their inner circle to fear letting anyone else in. When I go into public, it should be like an adventure. I want to meet new people, discover new personalities, histories, interests, and world views. But I can’t. Everybody’s alone, playing with their stupid phones. Next time you go into public, try leaving in your car your Blackberry, iPhone, iPod, Android and meeting new people, face to face. 🙂

    1. I recently went on a trip to another country, and some of the best advice that someone gave me was to not miss out on the people. I mean we were all there enjoying this beautiful country and all anyone could do was stay to themselves.

      We’re not super good at interacting with each other are we. I like the idea of leaving your phone in the car – although around here, it would get stolen. Hahaha.

      Thank you for commenting and reading. We can learn to interact with each other in this medium and it will lead to being able to talk face to face in public.

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