Vanity Metrics and Identity

Sometimes we can build our identity on metrics that really don’t matter.  Well, maybe they matter, but they’re only good for your vanity.

I was listening to a podcast on marketing and they were talking about the vanity metrics that people follow when they check out the stats on their websites.  Some people think that page hits and and subscriptions on their blog is what really matters.  Nah, vanity metrics.  They might make you feel good, but they don’t really measure anything.  Klout score?

Interestingly enough, vanity metrics – when they are not good – make you feel pretty crappy.  Vanity metrics has the ability to make you feel good and make you feel crappy.   We have to realize what they are though – vanity metrics.

Have you ever had a friend tell you how many friends and followers they have on Facebook and Twitter – yeah – vanity.  Don’t get me wrong – grow your community and subscriptions to thousands.  Don’t forget us little guys when you do, but also remember that those vanity metrics are just that metrics for you vanity.  It’s not the best thing to build your identity on.  As soon as the metrics go down – so does your identity.  So who cares how many friends and followers you have, be the most amazing version of you.  That’s way better.


7 thoughts on “Vanity Metrics and Identity

    1. I love it. The “be yourself” metrics are the ones that really count. I am sure my wife has some for me as well. Thanks for reading and commenting. I am encouraged. What vanity metrics did you think of when you read the post?

    1. Thank you so much. I do tend to look at the stats that wordpress provides and it makes me feel good when it’s up and not so good when it’s down. Oh well. I like though that the blog posts lead to conversations like this – and i learn so much from reading everyone’s posts.
      Thanks so much.

  1. Gosh Lem, I didn’t really. I just answered instinctively to your post. I think my thinking was – so many people find their identity in numbers, in who’s reading them, who’s following them, etc etc etc, that they actually miss out on the genuine conversations. The wonder and the beauty, of who we meet online, and what we can share with each other, and why.

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