The Hard Things

….. are hard to do.

If it was easy, then we’d do it.  There’s something about it though.  The hard things bring about a few interesting things.  It brings about excuses, a challenge, and a new sense of self.

First, it brings about excuses.  Give me a hard thing to do, and I will give you an excuse for why I don’t do those things.  Something can be hard to do for many reasons, but if it’s something that you have to do or something that you want to do – get your excuses out of the way.  I’m not saying don’t have them.  For some of us, that’d be impossible.  But we can get them all out, and once it’s all out, we can get them out of the way.  Hard things will being about excuses.  Make them, then get rid of them.

Second, it brings a challenge.  Once the excuses are out of the way, it become a challenge.  I don’t know what your personality is like, but mine loves a challenge.  A challenge can be motivating.  A challenge can move you to action.  A challenge can motivate.

As you do this, you might create more excuses.  Get rid of them and keep focused on the challenge.  Let the challenge motivate and move you.

Third, after you’ve worked through your excuses and completed the challenge, doing so brings about a new sense of self.  It brings about a sense of completion and/or maturity.  You’re a different person when you get through hard things.  You’re a much different person after working through excuses and completing a challenge.

You want to change – try hard things.  It almost doesn’t matter what the hard thing is – just so long as it’s hard.  It’ll change your sense of identity and self.


6 thoughts on “The Hard Things

  1. The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it. -Stephen Pressfield

  2. Hey Lem, if you get the chance check out Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. (ISBN 1300062756). I think you will find your ideas dovetailing nicely into her theory of Fixed & Growth Mindsets.

    Be encouraged!

    1. I will check out the book – on top of all the other books that I have in the queue. Thanks for sharing it. What did you have to read this book for? I am very interested. Thanks.

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