LL50: Lead Smartly

The truly smart leaders know When to Lead.

The ones that don’t truly get leadership are constantly leading. They feel like they have to lead all the time. They never stop. They are continually the boss. Consequently, they can be tired because they never rest. It makes them annoying. Do you know an annoying leader? Are they like this?

Smart leaders lead smartly. They lead at the right times. It takes a secure, humble and smart person to know When to Lead. The smart leader will lead at key times, and their leadership is so good that it will carry through the times when they are not leading. The smart leader leads in such a way that people don’t even know that they are leading. The smart leader just leads smartly.

If you are constantly leading or feel the need to constantly lead – then you’re not doing it right. You are not leading smartly.

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5 thoughts on “LL50: Lead Smartly

  1. Leaders like this bring nothing but destruction, heartache and pain. They are abusive, and nasty – or at least my experience of them is. They constantly try to undermine, put people in boxes, and control to the point of mirco managing. It is no surprise that they often suffer from health problems and stress.

    Great post Lem.

    1. Thank you Nicky. I wanted to write 50 leadership posts and maybe publish it on Kindle – mainly to learn how to do it. Thanks for reading. I am bummed when leaders are abusive and micro-manage. No one cares for a leader like that. It’s an old way of leading.

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