Leadership Lessons

I follow a few blogs on leadership.  Many of them have leadership lessons – and as I look closely at them, they aren’t always leadership lessons for others as much as they are leadership lessons for themselves.

Peppered into this blog will be my leadership lessons.  These are the lessons that I’m learning or have learned and probably more correctly – continue to learn.  I am sure that there are many other people that have written about these, and I probably have borrowed some of them.  Just like I wrote about “Ideas,” there are no new ideas – they are just recycled and reused.  These leadership lessons are mine – Lem Usita Leadership Lessons – my lessons that I am learning and continue to learn.  Thanks for joining me in them.

LL50: Lead Smartly

LL49: The Tom Yankhoff Lesson

LL48: The Old Way of Leadership

LL47: The Bruce Lee Lesson

LL46: Do It First

LL45: Employee Service

LL44: Because Rocks Don’t Talk Back

LL43: One Day of Learning

LL42: Reframe the Problem

LL41: The Cleaning Lesson

LL40: Leadership Mistakes

LL39: Not Just Leadership

LL38: Teaching Leadership in a Classroom

LL37: Steve Jobs Lesson 2

LL36: Steve Jobs Lesson

LL35: Deadliest Catch Lesson

LL34: Breaking My Own Rules

LL33: A Picture of Your Words

LL32: An Opportunity to be Amazing

LL31: Leadership Consultants

LL30: Creating Content as Leadership

LL29: My Area is the Most Important

LL28: Passion and Skill

LL27: Personal Leadership Development

LL26: Leadership and Criticism

LL25: Faith in Your Leadership

LL24: Distributed Leadership

LL23: The Leader’s Responsibility

LL22: Make the Decision

LL21: Always Find a Way

LL20: What Prevents You from Leading

LL19: Leaders Swim

LL18: The Job of a Leader

LL17: Selling and Leadership

LL16: Leadership of the Future

LL15: Lead Where You’re At

LL14: When the Followers Lead

LL13: Leadership is Situational

– Update on LL13

LL12: The Era of Grassroots Change

LL11: Name Your Price

LL10: Management Encourages Compliance

LL9: Leaders Don’t React

LL8: Everyone’s a Leader

LL7: Leadership and Insecurities

LL6: Command and Control

LL5: Making it up

LL4: What Drives Leadership

LL3: Find a Mentor

– Update on LL3

LL2: Leadership Competencies

LL1: Know the Limits of Leadership

Once again, these are the ones that I am learning, not necessarily the ones that I am teaching.  Thank you for visiting, and I invite you to leave comments on any of it.

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