LL1: Know the limits of leadership

Every leader has their limits. Every leadership position has its limits. Knowing the limits of both will make you a better leader.
I sometimes try to do things beyond my leadership abilities – which most times leads to frustration and stress. There are things that I am able to do; there are things that I can’t. I have limits in the way that I communicate. I have limits in my relational ability. I sometimes have limited information and that limits me. My ego limits me. My insecurities limits me. My expectations limits me.
The other aspect has to do with the limits of my leadership position. I can only do so much within my realm or domain. My position has limits. I can only do things within my area of responsibility, and I do care about the entire thing. I think I can lead within my area – and hopefully it has an affect on the entire place – for the better of course.
There is freedom in leading within the limits. I frees me from the burden or stress of having to carry out more than I have been empowered to. Knowing the limits or the parameters of my responsibility allows me to move and work freely – as long as I’m in the confines of my limits. Knowing the limits of leadership frees me up to lead.

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5 thoughts on “LL1: Know the limits of leadership

  1. I know this as head knowledge…now, if only I can learn to live it, and live by it. hmmm great reminders sir

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