LL2: Leadership Competencies

I was in a class a few days ago, and these 4 competencies came up. These 4 levels of competence work for leadership development, but the application fits pretty much any skill or competency.

1. Unconsciously Incompetent – it is possible to not know that you don’t quite have the competence it takes to lead. People with this level of competence don’t even know that they are incompetent.

2. Consciously Incompetent – then they hit a level where they realize that they are incompetent. People with this level of competence know that they are incompetent.

3. Consciously Competent – are those that know that they are competent. They have worked on learning the skill that they are conscious of the fact that they are competent.

4. Unconsciously Competent – are those that don’t even think about the skill or ability. They know that they are able to perform, but the do so naturally and freely – without even thinking about it.

I tend to look at these competencies from a values-free perspective. One’s not better than the other, but it helps me to process thru my leadership competencies. In many ways, I am in different levels of leadership development, but now I have the categories to determine what level of leadership competency and development I am on.

If you have any questions – please ask. It might tell me what level you’re at in your leadership development.

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8 thoughts on “LL2: Leadership Competencies

    1. Well, I am developing my ability to lead – because I get to lead, but then also, I get to direct a program at my school that focuses on developing leaders. In order to develop leaders, I have to be able to take them to places where I have been myself. I blogged about it.
      Thanks for the comments. Also, these are lessons that I’m learning – not necessarily ones that I’m teaching.
      I will check out your blogs. Looking forward to learning from you guys.

  1. Hello, im a senior in high school and was wondering if you think that majoring in Bibical studies and minoring in youth ministry will help someone who is Consciously Competent?

    1. Hey Kelli,
      Thanks for reading and making a comment. I’m sure you are consciously competent. Before I answer your question though answer this one – what are you called to do? I love youth ministry. I was a youth pastor for years. i have taught youth ministry in college. I try and talk everyone out of studying youth ministry. My thought is if I can talk you out of it, I would have saved you some time, but if you’re truly called to it, then there’s nothing that I can say that will sway you away from youth ministry.
      The other questions are why youth ministry? Are you trying to recapture something? Are you trying to relive your youth ministry experience? Make sense? Let me know.
      Thanks again for reading an comment.

  2. Hi Lem,
    Ya your right these are question i do have to pray about and consider… i want to go into into college with a confidence from the Lord and right now i dont have that confidence. haha So you could probably talk me out of youth ministy pretty darn fast. I have a wonderful family and dont really want to grow up yet so i know if i went into youth misistry it wouldnt be to relive somthing i missed out on. Truthfully, i just love people. I know that my true joy and fufillment comes from pointing others to Christ. I love talking to teenagers,maybe cuz i am one but also i know that i would love to help huting women in the future too. I dont want to go into counseling because i dont want to sit behind some deak and ask huting people “how do you feel about —–” fill in the blank. I dont want to make it a mind matter but a heart matter. So right now im thinking in the near future i could be connected with a church and working with the youth ministy or helping out at a high school maybe as a dean or something… haha oh gosh, im pretty sure i get told at least once a day that i talk to much…so sorry.
    anyway, I want to be used by God Lem. And i know God made me a extravert for some crazy beautiful reason.. i just dont know what yet.

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