The Peter Pan Mentality

What do you think about when you think about Peter Pan?  Are you wondering what Peter Pan has to do with identity?  Well, quite a bit if you think about it really.

Peter Pan for most of us is a cute story that we learned when we were a kid.  You might have seen a variation of the story in some movie.  You might have watched the Disney version of it.  Maybe you read it in a book or saw a cartoon, but we are all familiar with the story.  The basic story line deals with Peter Pan who wants to……

Grow old and powerful and rich but never grow up.

It’s a great story – if you’re a character in a book or a cartoon character, but the identity insight in all of this that there are many that have taken on the Peter Pan Mentality of growing old, but not ever growing up.  Life has taken on art – or however the saying goes.

This Peter Pan mentality has found it’s way in the minds and hearts of young men all over the world.  We are bombarded with characters in movies and tv shows that demonstrate for us that you can grow old, but never have to grow up.  I am sure you can name characters or caricatures of Peter Pan.  You think Peter Pan was a story, but many young men have taken on this identity and made it theirs.  They grow old, but never grow up.


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