Lem from identityspecialist.net

I am not sure if you’ve ever heard anyone be introduced by them telling you they are from their website.  Maybe it’s just me and the podcasts that I listen to you, but it’s totally the thing these days.  Here are some thoughts:

1. You all need a website to be from.

2. You can now be known as being from a website – not like from Kansas or Hawaii.  It’s Lem from identityspecialist.net.  Where you’re from is in cyberspace.  It’s definitely a part of your identity.  You better go claim your spot in it.

3. You better have some stuff there at the place where you’re from because people will come visit you in that place where you’re from that you can’t physically go to.

4. We can all be there together – just like you are here visiting where I’m from, but you’re where you’re at – and I might not really be here, but you can still visit me here because I’m from here these days.


Anyone that blogs and says that they don’t know who they are or what their identity is – can now say that they are “their name” from “their website.”

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