What You Recognize in Others

I tend to write many posts that have to do with this same idea of seeing in others what you see in yourself.  I have written things on facebook and twitter – where my friends start to comment about how whatever they do online says alot about who they are.  Even though they’re making fun of me, they’re reading my stuff so they are starting to get the principles.  So I was really able to see this play out this week in a conversation I had with a new friend.

What you recognize in others – has to do with how you see yourself.  An intelligent person will be able to see your intelligence – not so much because you’re intelligent but because they are.  Have you ever been around someone (and I’m not thinking about anyone in particular so stop thinking that this is you – unless it’s really you, but I’m not thinking about you) that just seems to point out how everyone around them just ‘doesn’t get it’?  They have seemingly surrounded themselves with idiots.  Well, you are What You Recognize in Others.

Have you been around a super humble and gentle person – where you love being around them and even more importantly are loved by them because they are just so secure in who you are that they make you feel pretty secure in who you are?  Yeah, that’s the kind of person I hang out with because they are able to recognize the same thing in others.  They challenge me and encourage me to become just like them.

If you are trying to find your identity or wanting to shape a better identity – just look around.  What are the people around you saying about you?  Who have you surrounded yourself with?

If you know who you are – whether you’re surrounded by idiots or the humble – continue to shape people to be just like you.

One thought on “What You Recognize in Others

  1. Interesting. I usually feel the healthiest (or at least most motivated to be healthier) when I’m spending time around people who are quite healthy. By healthy I mean holistically so and not just physically or just mentally… etc. And then when I’m feeling most insecure about myself is when I feel most paranoid that others are thinking badly of me. I don’t know if I’ve gone off on a tangent now. The more I think about it, the more the idea becomes abstract and hard for me to grasp.

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