Choose Yourself

It’s a Seth Godin line.  I love his thinking on this.  If you want to read a post about it – check it out here.

We are culturally programmed to wait till we are chosen.  That was the way it was a decade ago.  Not any more.  You don’t need permission to write and publish things.  You don’t need a recording contract to record songs or make videos.  You don’t even need fancy schmancy equipment to take photos – you can actually do all of this on your phone.

You can wait for people to pick you or you can pick yourself.  You can wait for someone to award you or you can just award yourself.  We don’t need to work with the Gatekeepers like Godin talks about.  Just don’t choose yourself to be one of those Gatekeepers.

One thought on “Choose Yourself

  1. Sometimes we have to give ourselves active permission to participate in our own lives. I remember whispering something to a colleague in tv once, sort of mumbling it, and she responded ‘Well unless you start telling people you want to do that, how are they to know!’

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