No Friends

So I wrote a post yesterday about The Friends I Eat With, and what I mean by that.   I have friends.  I make friends fairly easily.  It’s part of my personality.  Maybe I’m just not that scary.

I saw something tonight – someone else’s post of something – that made me think about my post from yesterday.  Some people just don’t have friends.  I’ve written about it before – check out this post.  There are many reasons for why people don’t have friends.  I know people – that don’t have friends.  You noticed that I didn’t call them my friends.

I have several themes that I write about on this blog.  I think I want to start doing some thinking about what it means to be a friend – a real friend.  It’s not like you need to know this.  You know if you have friends or not.  You know who your friends are.  I mainly want to do some thinking about friends – because your friends shape who you become.  Your friends shape your identity.  If you don’t have any friends – you don’t experiencing any identity shaping.  You just create it.  It also helps me to think through what kind of a friend I am being.  I want to become a better friend – not just have tons of them.

So here’s the first thought about friends – real friends aren’t easily offended.  They stick around.  No matter what – you don’t just get rid of them to make your life easier.

What do you think?  Do you know anyone that has no friends?

3 thoughts on “No Friends

  1. I now people that have no friends. You firstly have to be a friend to have friends, not so?

    I’m very picky ab out who I spend time with and I don’t trust easily. So I have a few friends, but they’re true.

  2. It happens, some people get hurt early in life and they just don’t trust anyone. I know a few people that don’t have certain types of friends. Like females who just don’t have any REAL female friends to speak of. Who knows what their inner reasons are for this. It’s interesting to me. I have quite a few friends myself.

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