Friends I Eat With

…….. are the really, really good friends.

Have you ever heard of Dunbar’s Number?  Here’s another post about it.

Friends that I eat with are friends.  We have all sorts of friends on Facebook and Twitter.  Thousands of friends – thousands of followers.  Do we even know what a friend is these days?  Don’t get me wrong – I have thousands of friends – on Facebook, in real life, in online life.  They’re all friends.  But really, really good friends?  The friends that are described in Dunbar’s Number?  These are the friends that I would eat with.

You eat with your family.  They’re a part of Dunbar’s Number, and even though you might not like them (I love all of mine), they’re family.  They’re in.  You eat with them.

People that you work with or have business lunch with – they can be your friends – but they might not be your really, really good friends.  I guess there are some people on Twitter that I have never met before, but they would totally be friends that I would eat with.

Here’s the thing.  You pick who gets to be your really, really good friends.  You get to pick who is a part of your Dunbar’s Number.

One other way I think about this is the friends that I go on vacation with.  You go to vacation with your family —– well,  you know the line of thinking.

I couldn’t get my friend to eat the frog legs though.

2 thoughts on “Friends I Eat With

  1. When I was growing up a useful piece of wisdom from my Father was ‘they aren’t your friends’ It helped me see the difference between friends and acquaintances. Interesting to read about Dunbar’s number.

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