New Friends

Dunbar’s Number – I wrote about it once here – is some theoretical concept that limits the number of social relationships one can maintain.  Okay, I get that.  The number is about 150 for those of you that won’t check out the link.

There is something cool though about making new friends.  I have met and continue to meet new friends.  I like meeting new friends.  It just happens.

So what does that mean for the idea of Dunbar’s Number?  I guess it means that if the number of social relationships that I can maintain is 150 then as I meet new friends – I have to kick people off of that list.  Is that what happens?  How do you feel about this?  What do you do?  Stop meeting new friends?  Or just kick people off your current social relationships list?

If you do a google search for dunbar’s number – this graphic shows up a few times.  I just stole it – please don’t sue me.

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