Retire the Word

If you listen to any hip hop, you realize that there are some words that are created in these songs that end up eventually in the modern vernacular. Lately, I’ve been hearing quite a few words in really weird contexts. When I hear it in a weird context, I retire the word and I don’t use it. I’ll just share a couple of them.

– When the 50 year old white guy talks about how something is “legit.” Retire the Word
– When you hear your teacher talking about when something “drops” as in, I’m going to get it when it “drops.” Retire the Word
– When your boss says “jiggy” and they think that they’re using the word correctly. Retire the Word
– When food – any kind of food is “bomb.” Retire the Word.

I’ll share one story. It has to do with the word “bling.” There are a bunch of young kids at my parents church that want to emmulate their favorite rappers and as such, they wear lots of gold jewelry. The thing is – they’re kids so they aren’t able to get the real stuff. They wear the fake “bling.” They walk around and “bling.” Anyway – my mom had given my wife DC a really, really nice platinum necklace pendant thingy. We were walking around saying that my mom had give her some “bling” to which my mom – very frustrated – responded with – “that’s not ‘bling,’ that’s real.”

Needless to say, I don’t say “bling” any more. Retire the Word.

What words have you heard lately that you should retire?


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