What Do People Ask You to Do

I was thinking about this earlier today.  I don’t remember what the context was or what I was even thinking before this thought, but I was thinking about identity and this was the idea that came to mind.

Now, before I start talking about my concept about this is that our identities aren’t tied into what we do.  Don’t get me wrong – some people might tie their identity into what they do, but I’m not saying here that what you do is your identity.

This thought came to mind though that if you are wondering about who you are and what your identity is in – how do you answer the question?  What do  people ask you to do?  Maybe it was because I was coming home from a speaking gig.  I also played guitar.  Maybe you are just asked to drive.  Maybe you get asked to come consult on a project.  Maybe they want you to just entertain the children or set up chairs.

Here’s the deal.  You might think that you’re this amazing rock star, but if not one is asking you to sell out a concert venue to sing or play – you’re probably not one.  You aren’t what you do, but if you get asked to do something – that might be your identity.

Please respond.  I am sure that you think of a situation where they ask you to do something – where that wasn’t your identity.  Let me know.  What do you think?

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