Chunkin’ Rocks at a Sign

I don’t know if you watch Duck Dynasty, but we were fans from the first episode. It’s such a great show.

There’s a line that one of the guys says – ….”that’s funner than sitting down chunkin’ rocks on a sign” or something like that.

It’s such a great line, but I’ve never “chunked” rocks at a sign before. We didn’t do that much in Hawaii, but I’m in Tennessee for the week. I was telling a friend about that line as we were driving home – or at least the home that I staying in, and as soon as I got done telling him about that line, he asked me to check out the signs on the road on the way home.

To my surprise, I started to notice that there were dents and dings in the sign. People really do “chunk” rocks on a sign. It’s gotta be a lot of fun, but because it seem like all the signs had rocks “chunked” at it (am I even using that phrase correctly?)

Anyway, there are some phrases that just identify you. Chunkin’ Rocks at a Sign is a phrase that will identify where in the country you might be from – at least the rock chunkin’ part of the country.

What phrase do you say that identifies you with where you are from? Much Mahalo.


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