When You Name Your Street After Someone

I was in Knoxville this week.  We drove through the town.  It’s a great little town, but it was quite an experience to drive through UT.  Have you ever been?  We drove past Payton Manning Pass.

There is this illogical, unhealthy fascination with Peyton Manning.  There are more babies named after Peyton in the Knoxville area than any other name – crazy.  They love them their Peyton Manning.  People wanted to cancel their cable subscription because the cable station would dare air Peyton – not getting the Heisman.  He was an amazing quarterback for UT.  Led them to an SEC championship and made many passes.  There isn’t a single road called a “pass” anywhere in Tennessee, but there is one in Knoxville – Peyton Manning Pass.  It’s a block long.

Evidently, many in Knoxville were Colts fans for years, and will undoubtedly be Broncos fans this Fall.  When you name your street after someone, you’ll do many other crazy things because you find your identity in one guy.  

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