Power Your Identity

So we’re at the airport – delayed for 6 hours. It’s fine though. If you ever want to see someone’s real identity, watch them after they are told that their flight has been delayed 6 hours.

But as we sit here, it’s been so interesting to watch people and their search for an outlet. Outlets don’t go unused for more than 10 seconds around here. As soon as one person is done someone else snatches it up.

We all need to update our identities, or at least power up so that we can maintain our identities on our flight. I heard one girl complain about how her battery was down to 30%. Her mom wasn’t super concerned , but when it’ your life, you need to stay charged. All of my stuff is charged. I powered up my identity earlier.


3 thoughts on “Power Your Identity

  1. As I read this it makes me think about our spiritual lives as well…Are we as urgent to refill that charge as we are the charge on our electronics?

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