What Calms You?

What Calms You? Do you even need to be calm? Some of us live such fast-paced lives that we don’t even know that we need to be calm. That place where you are calm is a great place for shaping identity.

When you are calm, you can freely think and process identity. When you are calm, you aren’t being challenged by external pressures and in an almost peaceful state move in and through your identity.

Where do you go? What do you do?

I realize that the ocean is one of the best places for me to be calm. I also like places that are quiet and still. It’s good for the soul, and I can reconnect with myself in that place. I can connect with the breath. I can be me. It’s tiring to project an identity to others. Sometimes, it’s just nice to be me – and I can be that when I’m calm.

How about you?


6 thoughts on “What Calms You?

  1. It might sound strange, but when I am singing there is a serene moment that I feel completely calm and find myself. Then there are moments when I am driving and I become calm. Where some people get nervous I find a certain peace I guess. šŸ™‚

    1. Carrie, I find that too. Singing brings me such serenity. I think it is the breath and the ability to use my voice to focus on something entirely that allows me to let my emotions out.

  2. Carrie – that’s not strange at all. It’s a great time. There’s probably all kinds of wonderful neuroscience to it – good brain stuff that makes us feel good.
    That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The sea also calls to me and calms me. Just this week I spent hours walking upon the shore, listening to the waves, enjoying the taste of the salt. If I am ever away from the ocean for any significant period, say in a city, or inland, I literally am overcome with a yearning for the sea. A deep desire to be there on the beach. Interestingly I found out that those with lower thyroid have a natural draw to the sea, because of the iodine and salt. I have this, isn’t it amazing that there can sometimes be a medical reason for something that is an inherent part of our identity, our make up?
    I can calm myself in most situations through the breath. Believing each and every breath to say YHWH, inhale exhale.

    Yoga and swimming, and on occasion running too can bring me great calm.

    I really enjoyed this post Lem. Hope you had a brilliant trip.


  4. Well I have had to find different things to calm me at different times because sometimes you just don’t live near enough to the ocean to surf, šŸ˜‰ but for me really if I do any type of exercise it is calming for me and I feel so refreshed after that, the other thing that can make me forget about what is going on is if I lose myself in a good movie or tv show especially a good comedy.

  5. My calmest places (beside my house lol) is the beach and those really quiet parks where you feel undisturbed and like no one else is there, you can just sit or lie down without a care in the world, the more beautiful the place the more at ease i feel too. I tend to sometimes enjoy being around few people rather than many people, even being on a speedboat out at sea would be relaxing but i would definitely have to avoid getting sun burnt lol.

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