Who You Root For

I am sure I have written about something like this before. I don’t remember if it was a blog post or a course that I taught, but Who Your Root For tells us lots about your identity.

The obvious one is your team. We all have a favorite team. Whether it’s football or soccer, professional or the town team, we have a team that we root for. It might not be athletics. It might be some other form or art altogether. But who you root for reveals something about who you are.

What triggered the thought today was a talk I had heard about reality tv. Do you watch reality tv? I have a few posts about it – check it here.

When we watch the Bachelor, we are excited for the couple to get together. We watch the show and we have favorites. You watch Survivor, you have your favorite. You root for someone. You watch American Idol, you root for someone.

We root for someone because there’s something about that person that connects with who we are. It could be a singer or a team.

Who do you root for? What does that say about you?

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