Permission to Take on an Identity

Who gives you permission to take on an identity?

You do.  Just take it.  Just create it.  You don’t have to wait.  You don’t have to ask permission.

Now you can only claim an identity that you can validate.  You can try and take on that identity, but if someone challenges you on it – you better be ready.

No one can tell you that you’re not that as long as you can back it up.  Typically, it’s a piece of paper that tells you that you can claim the identity.

Dr.  Mrs.  B.A.  M.A.  Esq.  It doesn’t matter – you pick.

Writer, Blogger, Podcaster, Guitar Player, Surfer – you just have to do it.

It’s up to you.

If you need permission, I give you permission.  You are what you are.  Be it.

2 thoughts on “Permission to Take on an Identity

    1. Carrie, I’d really like to interview you and have you on my podcast. Would you be into that? Let me know. It’s a podcast that I just started – on identity.

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