Energy to Maintain a Projected Identity

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday.  He was talking about the difference between a true identity and a lived out identity.  He mentioned that we live out a sense of who we are (projected self), and that might sometimes be different than the true self (real self).  I’ve written about that here before, but I was thinking today that it takes a lot of energy to live out the projected identities that we have.  Even though those two versions of ourselves are really us, it takes a lot of energy to live out the projected self.

When you’re tired or when the world seemingly, or literally comes crashing in, it’s hard to maintain the identity.  It takes planning and energy to live that out.  It’s not always easy to do.  And when you don’t have the energy, you show your true self.  It’s not a bad thing.  It’s kinda just the way that it is.

It takes energy.  Sleep is important to maintaining a projected identity.  Health is important.  Nutrition is important to living out this identity.  When you’re tired, worn down, or stressed, it gets much harder to project.

So go power up.  Go do something that gives you energy.

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