Your Identity Story

Stories help us to interpret meaning in whatever it is that we’re doing.  We are all writing a story.  We are all living out our identity story.  This identity story of yours provides the pieces to better understand yourself.

When I first started thinking about an identity story, I had a hard time thinking about story as something that was not make believe.  I have always thought about story as something made up.  It can definitely be something made up, but it’s simply a way to interpret meaning in your life.

So in light of that – what stories have you been telling?  When you tell someone about your day or your vacation, what stories stand out?  Do you even tell stories?  Are you able to bring people to where you were by using words?  Are you able to enter into your story?  Are you able to tell it in such a way that people get lost in your story?

Your Identity Story is simply all of the stories that you tell.  Not telling stories doesn’t mean that you don’t know your identity (triple negative???).  I guess you can have an identity story that’s never told.  It’s still a story, and it’s still a way to understand your identity.  It at least allows you to connect with your identity.

13 thoughts on “Your Identity Story

  1. I absolutely agree! What we “know” to be ourselves is the internal voice we have going in our left hemisphere. We are in control of the voice and our head and we can write a better story with the words in our head. The words that we use are important. The stories we tell ourselves are important. There is so much to choosing who you want to be.

    Thanks for this post.

    1. Thats awesome. I would really like to hear more about this. Would you be willing to come on my podcast to talk w me about this? Let me know.

      1. I just started it. I am looking for people to talk to about identity. I haven’t been doing it long. Still learning how, but it would just be a phone conversation. I just record the conversation, edit a little bit, then upload it. It shows up in itunes.

        Just would liked to hear more of your perspective so why not record it.

      2. Do you have skype? I’m trying to figure out how to record it. I have the software. I’m sure I can have it figured out soon. Let me know.

      3. The other way is to have you call my google number. I can record our conversation that way. Where do you live and what’s your name. I’m Lem.

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