The Olympics is an Identity Event

It’s a huge one, and it displays identity on several different levels.

On the one level, we’re watching athletes.  They have taken on an identity.  They are a swimmer.  They are a gymnast.  They are a bowler.  They are a Pole Vaulter.  They have all taken on these identities.  These are world class identities.

On another level, there is a national identity that is demonstrated during the Olympics.  I was going to say the biggest culprits are us Americans, and that’s because there are just so many of them competing.  There are flags and national identity wear that you will see when you watch it.

Then there’s a personal level where you connect with these athletes.  It can be ping pong or bowling, and they are competing to represent you. You watch the games with a sense of national pride and identity.  It is your country.  It is your guy.

I have been watching the olympic trials.  It’s been interesting to see the identity features that show up in competition.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing a few more posts about it in the next few months.

What event are you looking forward to?  Who do you cheer for?

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