Identity Specialist

So it’s the name that I chose for the blog.  I would never call myself an Identity Expert because that assumes that I am the expert on identity.

I studied it for my doctoral dissertation.  I have done a bunch of reading about it.  I understand a few developmental theories and how identity fits into that. I have blogged about it and researched it.  I have some expertise in it, but I would be the first to tell you that I don’t have my identity figured out.  How could I?  Why would I?  Just because I know a thing or two about it doesn’t mean that I am the expert.  It definitely doesn’t mean that I have my identity figured out.  That’s probably why I study it – because I don’t know how to do it.

I don’t mind calling myself the identity specialist, but don’t expect me to have the answers that you’re looking for just because of it.

I realize that we generally don’t really think much about identity really – unless we are forced to.  We aren’t typically internally aware to even notice of care.  I’ll keep on reading and writing though.


2 thoughts on “Identity Specialist

  1. Then I think I’m the opposite (to the rest of the general public)… identity is almost an obsessive, compulsive thought loop for me… not at all in a constructive way like you. I think it’s pretty cool you are pursuing your interest in your work.

    1. Tell me more about the obsessive, compulsive thought loop.

      Identity for me is super organic and seemingly random. I guess I do have a constructive way of talking about it – because of the theories that I use to try and understand it – but I definitely need to hear more about the obsessive compulsive way.

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