Trapped in a Mindset

I was talking to a friend today about what motivates identities.  Do we take on an identity to try it on?  Do we take on an identity for the image – like the look and feel of an identity?  Or do we really put on an identity to take on everything about that identity?  I would say that all of these things fit the identity spectrum.  You can try it on.  You can take on just a segment of an identity – a partial identity.  You can take on the whole thing – be all in.

Many times though, you can get trapped in an identity.  At times you can get stuck in an identity and not get out.  I was listening to a podcast where actors were talking about how character actors get stuck in their character that people cannot see them beyond it (Bobcat Goldthwait).

At the very root of it is an identity trapped in a mindset.  And I hope you don’t see that as negative.  Some people have very happy lives trapped in a mindset.  But having the ability to grow and develop requires someone to be able to work through trapped mindset.  You can get stuck in an identity – for good and bad reasons – but it’s totally normal.  It’s totally part of the identity formation process.

If you feel pretty good about where you’re at – then no worries.  If you feel not so good about where you’re at – then just know that it’s a mindset.  I don’t know how I can help you change your mindset, but that’s the work that you have to do.

Do you know anyone like this?  Trapped in a mindset?

One thought on “Trapped in a Mindset

  1. Has anyone else asked the question that reality is one subconscious ?

    Do you know, everyone is trying to make sense of reality? Who would ask that kind of question?

    Reality is understanding someone else’s reality.

    You know why people want to move on? Don’t you? It’s because people want a better understanding of reality!

    Do you know I can predict a question?
    I just did!

    Is your mind separate from time?

    Is your mind larger than the universe?

    Once you understand reality, you understand the truth.

    Would you lie to distort the truth?

    Love,truth and survival = life?

    What do you think happens when you get a group of people together that understands there is only one reality?

    Reality = truth

    If anyone asks about intelligence of oneself!


    When you understand life you understand the truth!

    When you have all the answers in life you understand the truth!

    Intelligence is the key to educating being!

    You *know*, everyone is searching for the “truth”!?

    I have a question, is *reality* cyclic?

    Once! You understand binary and the truth, you know alot

    Who said “it’s the world in which we live in”?

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