Identity as Narrative

So awhile back, I posted about wanting to start a podcast.  The main reason for doing so was to learn how to do it.  I’m realizing that it takes quite a bit of work if you’re doing all of the interviewing and the production.  It would be nice to just hand that over to someone, but that’s now how it goes.

Yesterday, I posted episode 5 of the identitySHOW.  It would make sense to put the show here, but it’s a long story.  In episode 5, I talk to my good friend Gary Stratton about identity.  He talks about identity as narrative and how understanding narrative helps us to understand identity.  It was a quick conversation.  We just recorded it outside of Starbucks so you’ll hear all of the background stuff.

I’d love for you to listen to it.  You can do so at the episode 5 page or you can just subscribe to iTunes.

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